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Signature Cocktails

Classic Myers

The OG drip, known to alleviate chronic symptoms of inflammation, fatigue, and stress. Increase immune support and restores overall balance within the body

Immunity Blend

This blend improves immune health, battle cold and flu, and is great for keeping you healthy when you travel

Hangover Cure

Rough night? This is the perfect blend to bring you back to life the morning after

Beauty Blend

Skin, hair, and nails…this blend will have you looking and feeling vibrant from the inside out


Feeling sluggish and looking for a pick-me-up? This blend boosts energy, increases mental focus, and keeps you moving no matter how busy your day is


Ditch the brain fog. This blend improves your mental focus, increases concentration, combats forgetfulness and sharpens your mind


With this specialized blend for dehydration, every ingredient of this drip is carefully selected to improve your hydration levels and overall wellness


Work hard, play hard. This blend contains key nutrients for quick muscle recovery and relief after a tough workout or athletic performance

COVID Recovery

Recovering from COVID? This blend will help restore your immune system and help alleviate all those miserable symptoms

Think Pink
$100 (25% donation)

A blend to help boost your energy, sleep better at night, and improve your mood. 25% of each drip will be donated to a local breast cancer organization in honor of Kandi

Top Shelf Cocktails


This blend works quickly to reduce pain, discomfort, inflammation- and will help alleviate all those nagging migraine symptoms

Weight Loss

Stimulate your metabolism and detoxify your body to maximize weight loss. This is a great complement to your current exercise and nutrition plan.


Life is stressful. This soothing blend is perfect to melt away stress, reduce anxiety, and decrease muscle tension


We’re not getting any younger. This blend replenishes hair, skin, and nails while reducing signs of aging and give you a youthful glow


The drip that fuels the fire. Increase your stamina and bring back that spark with a blend that helps fight the daily stress, chronic fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, and other things that just seem to get in the way. Different blends for men and women.


NAD+ is a multifaceted regenerative molecule capable of enhancing energy levels and metabolism, improving mood and cognitive health, alleviating symptoms of mental illness, aiding in age-related diseases, and more. This drip literally does it all. Please note, allow 2-4 hours to infuse


Want to be proactive before a night out or get a burst of energy and mental focus before an important meeting or event? This blend will you get in top shape so you’re ready to go- whatever it is!

Flu Fighter

A step-up from our Immunity Blend. This has extra vitamin C and a powerful detoxifier to really battle those pesky germs


That time of the month? This blend helps control mood swings, decrease bloating and inflammation, and improve energy


If you’re dealing with the weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, and numerous other menopause-related symptoms, this blend will help!

Custom Drip

Let us create something just for you. With a base of regular hydrating fluids, we’ll add whatever vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, detoxifiers, or anti-inflammatories meet your individual needs

Shirley Temple
$55 for 500ml/$65 for 1,000ml

Want to try a drip, but not sure it’s for you? Just looking for a little extra hydration? Try just a bag of base fluids and see what you think!

Shot Bar


Energy and metabolism booster, also known to help regulate mood and decrease irritability

B complex

A blend of 5 different B vitamins to help boost the immune system, increase energy, improve sleep, and improve red blood cell function

Vitamin D

Our “sunshine shot” helps boost the immune system, reduce depression, decrease allergy symptoms, reduce joint pain, and improve cognitive functions


Our “happy shot”, B6 is involved making serotonin in the body- a natural mood booster to help control anxiety and depression


A steroid that works for aches, pains, immune system disorders, and allergic reactions


An anti-inflammatory (similar to ibuprofen), this works to quickly decrease pain and inflammation


A blend of 3 powerful immunity boosters, packed into one injection

Lipo B

Boost your energy, increase your metabolism, burn fat, increase focus, and improve digestion

Lipo C

Scorch fat, boost your immune system, increase energy, improve sleep, improve mood, reduce stress, and detox your liver

Lipo Plus

All the benefits of Lipo B and Lipo C, combined!


Beauty in a shot. Biotin helps improve hair, skin, and nail health

B12 package

A package of 4 B12 shots. Save $10

Lipo Plus Package

A package of 4 Lipo Plus shots. Save $40